Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Hutch Christmas Makeover

Well, we took the fall decorations down…this is the before picture.

blogphotos 002

I have a little guy who is nuts for any and all holiday decorating! I had to hold him back so he wouldn’t drag up all the Christmas stuff before Thanksgiving. But on the day after – all bets were off – so we emptied out the hutch and filled it up with Christmas stuff. Here is the after picture.

blogphotos 002

One reason I also love decorating for Christmas is that anything goes. You have the ridiculous and the sublime. The old, old worn out Santas and the new glittered goodies, and they all go together beautifully. My friend, Julie, came over and wired light into my hutch. Yeah! That means the Nativity can be lighted – and stay behind glass doors and remain safe for another year. On top of the hutch we have our collection of snowmen that can remain up for most January. At our elementary school they have a Holiday Store that our youngest can shop. Everything costs a dollar and it gets bagged and tagged. Then he brings it home and hides the gifts deep in his room – and usually spills the beans about at least one of the gifts by Christmas. ha ha! That is when the snowman collection really got growing. I can’t wait to see what he purchases this year. He really puts thought into his choices and watches our faces intently while we open the gifts. He brought his money today to shop – exciting!

Speaking of the youngest child – I saw this post about crystallized snowflake ornaments on Wee Wonderful’s blog and we had to try it out. It works!! Here is the result:

blogphotos 005

Happy crafting!


Julie said...

Everyone, you gotta love this. It turned out so pretty and Kim, I STILL WANT THAT HUTCH!!! :o)
Thanks for the link to the snowflake too, I think Anton will love doing that tonight.

Cindi said...

Nice hutch decorations. I like. I also love the snowflake. I may have to try that.

Anonymous said...

love the hutch! Looks great! I will have to try the snowflake...looks awesome! slw

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