Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sewn Bracelet Cuff Cover

I’ve had this silver coated copper and magnet bracelet on my wrist forever. After nursing my last child I developed tendonitis…and it never went away. I wore braces and did stretches and still my wrists/lower arms always hurt. Kinda had a zingy feeling in them and then my hands would go numb. After wearing this bracelet for a while that has pretty much went away. I don’t know why and I don’t care. If it’s all in my head that’s OK – I love having the use of my hands again! (It was mostly repetitive movement that would bring on the numbness.) It is so comfortable I don’t even know it’s on my arm. However, it is starting to wear out. The finish over the magnets is gone and it irritates my skin and itches. I’ve tried coating the magnets with clear nail polish, diamond glaze – lots of stuff. It all works for a while but wears off. Also the silver finish is coming off…and I can’t find a new one that is just like this one! Or even similar.

Here is the bracelet -

blogphotos 001

Here is the cuff cover being put on – 

blogphotos 002

Here it is finished!

blogphotos 003

All it is is a tube of fabric that is sewn shut at one end with a button sewn on. The other end has TWO button holes and is open at the end. Thread the bracelet though the open end and button – easy peasy!! My bracelet is protected. I’m going to make more in different colors…eventually…craft room is still a mess…but I’m getting the laundry under control…finally!

Also – my friend, Cindy, at Tally’s Place is having a give-a-way. She is giving away a very unique, delicate, and inspired purse.  So go and leave her a comment to enter!


cindi said...

So glad the braceet helped ease your pain...the cover is uber-cute!
You are so crafty...and thanks for the shout out about the giveaway. Have a great day!

urban craft said...

That's perfect. I have some bracelets like this that I am kinda bored with. great revamp!

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