Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ask and you shall receive…

This post involves a couple things.  First, I went to Home Depot with my mom yesterday. (I know, I’ve spent a lot of time shopping lately…but not spending much money!) They had clear “keepers” on sale. Big ones. Normally around $12.00 on clearance for $3.00.  Well, my mom got two and I went to get the last two and one had a crack in the upper corner. I still wanted it…if the price was right so at the checkout I kindly pointed out the crack and said I’d still take it if the price was reduced.  The checker said “sure” how about $1.00 and I countered with how about $.50? I got it for fifty cents! It still functions as a storage container and closes just fine and will keep items free from dust and organized – the only concession I’ll make to the crack is to put something in there that I don’t use very often. Christmas items would be perfect. See, you just have to ask nicely.

My next news happened because I follow the Chronicle Books Blog.  This blog lets us know of books that they are releasing. Wonderful books! Pretty books! I just fell in love with this: Paper Goods: Oh Joy! The Art of Getting Organized. This is a home office collection that is sooo pretty and it looks very useful as well. Look!

Oh Joy’s signature metallic foil-stamped design graces this file folder set.


Two giant to-do lists are paired with sticky notes, reminders, and flags. (This made my heart go pitter-patter)


Well, you get the idea! I will let you know more when I receive the desk set and use it! How exciting!!! See, you have to ask nicely to receive!! I hope it comes quickly!! And please, go to their blog to check out all the wonderful items they publish – you’re heart will go pitter-pat too!!

Happy Crafting!!

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Cindi said...

Good for you! Being kind and asking does pay off.

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