Friday, January 22, 2010

Make an expandable file folder

First off I want to say that this is not my original idea.  And, I have spent a ridicules amount of time on the internet trying to track down where the idea came from this morning…with no luck.  So if this is your idea please let me know so I can give you proper credit.  But – it is a great idea and worth sharing! 


This is an expandable file folder that I made! See the inside -


Side view -


As you can see it’s been well used.  To make one simply cut the sealed ends off manila envelopes (as many as you want – each envelope will make two pockets), fold them in half, stack the folded envelopes, and glue them together (Duh – don’t glue them shut – leave the insides unglued).  The original instructions said to cut off the flaps, but I left them on.  By leaving them on you can tuck them over whatever is in that pocket and it will stay put.  I also glued cereal box cardboard, cut to size, to each side for added stability -


can you see that?  Then covered it with scrapbook paper.  Then for some added insurance against wear and tear I covered the bendable parts of the scrapbook paper with packing tape.  I used a glue stick to glue everything together and I’d have to say it hasn’t stayed glued very well.  Next time I might try a different kind of glue or even double-stick tape.  However, this has proved to be so handy!  This one has kept all my scroll saw patterns in one place and tidy.  I can now empty it, file the patterns in the file cabinet, and reuse this to keep elements of another project in one place and tidy.  Yippee!!!  Have a great weekend and Happy Crafting!!


Julie said...

I love it. You are going to have to come and help me make one. I'll have all the ingredients to make it and you bring the two sided tape and I'll learn.
Such great idea Kim. Thanks for sharing.

Cindi said...

Great job...I Soooo need to make one of these...or 20. Have a great weekend!

Its_Lily said...

You have just given me the solution for storing all my SB paper scraps. I can't bear to toss them and now I have a beautiful and clever storage solution. I think I'll try fabric on the outside to make it a bit sturdier. Thank you.

Pendaflex said...

That is very cool, I wish I was as creative as you!

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