Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Brace yourself…

This is gonna get ugly! Let me start by saying I haven’t been very creative lately. I still have lots of ideas, but no desire to wade into my craft room to get them made…I can’t believe I’m showing you this…but this is why-

blogphotos 001

Want more?

blogphotos 003

This is what I encounter when I open the door to my craft room! I get a headache just looking at it – there isn’t enough ROOM and I just can’t do it any more! So I am going to move my craft room to the basement…where I get to look at this-

blogphotos 006

blogphotos 005

I think this will be enough of a challenge to keep me busy for a while. hehe. See that shelf on the left – the tall one? That is full of my canning – applesauce, tomato sauce…and I have to MOVE it! So we’ll also be getting a work-out. This area of the basement used to be a kitchen. When the former owners were very, very badly renovating the main floor and the upstairs they lived down here! Yuck. The good news is that there are plenty of outlets, another bathroom 10 feet away, three overhead lights, and plumbing for a sink in this craft area. It’s just so…ugly right now. I think I’ll keep the walls white because there are no windows in this part of the basement – but it was windows or outlets and outlets won. The ceiling will remain unfinished cause of the duct work and it’s an old house (100 years) and is, to put it politely, quirky. Well, I’m short – I just won’t look up. So stay tuned if you want to see the transformation in real-time. Meaning it could take years. I hope I’m happy. I’m going to turn the current craft room into a spare bedroom/extra TV/reading room. Maybe move the Wii in there – that would be nice! As the kids get bigger the house is getting smaller. Sometimes I’d like it if we would spread out a little more. Well, Happy Crafting!


Julie said...

You have a challenge coming up but I know you'll do it. Just holler and you know I'll come and help. Let's just see how cool we can make you new space. Don't forget to come and pick up that rug you gave me now that you can use it first.
I can't wait to see how it all turns out.
Take care Kim. Love you my dear girlfriend!!!

cindi said...

Let me just say, I wish my craft room looked that organized. Starla and I spent about 8 hours in here the other day and it finally looks like I'm making progress. You can do it!

Anonymous said...

wow - lots of work!! sw

Lisa said...

Yea!! Another craft lover with a sceeery craft room! I feel your pain!

Here's an old post of what we did in my craft room at our old house

wish i could say it stayed that way.. now we're in a smaller place and it's even worse!

Got any tips on organizing these messes? My mom is uber labeled and micro sorted (her stickers are sorted according to themes in albums...then by color) I do NOT take after her :)

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