Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Progress is being made in the craft-room department. It is slow-going – I have a lot of stuff! Right now I’m just focusing on getting it downstairs. The heavy organizing will have to happen later. It’s impossible to organize until you know what you are working with. Take a peek -



It’s going to take a while… next to move will be the cabinets and counter-top… those will go under the shelves on the left. My back hurts already… cleaning and a work-out all at the same time… can’t WAIT until it is done!


Julie said...

You're getting there Kim. I'll come and get to see it on Thursday, YEAH!!!! Don't forget to holler if you need anything from here. I'm sure we can come up with whatever it is.
Try not to hurt yourself, it's not good. Take it easy this afternoon at least for an hour or so.
Talk with you later on. Take care.

Anonymous said...

moving right along...that is a big job! slw

Cindi said...

Yippeee for you!!! Mine is going much slower, but everyday I do a little bit and I'm feeling good about all the stuff I'm getting rid of. Keep up the good work.

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