Monday, February 1, 2010

A winner!!

Well, it’s Monday morning and I have a winner of the bunting – it is number 9 -


Who was:


Now Helena doesn’t have to wait! I’ll get this in the mail as soon as I get your address Helena – thank you for commenting!

Here is another Valentine’s idea that I made a few years ago -


This was a Valentine’s gift I made for my hubbie.  First I cut out all the hearts out of 1” pine boards – then I sanded them and painted them.  Some of them have crackle paint and some have sponged paint…some are plain.  Then I screwed them all together from the back.  That was tricky! (To get everything straight) I learned a lot after making this project.

#1 – Something like 1/4” plywood would have worked better as it is lighter, stronger, and less prone to cracking with the grain of the wood.

#2 – I would have been better off mounting the hearts to a long skinny board on the back – for stability – wouldn’t even have been able to see it.

#3 – Shouldn’t make my hubbie gifts like this, as he really doesn’t know what to do with them – hehe! (He was a bit baffled by the dear head too!)

#3 – A person should be careful hanging something like this over a doorway as it can come crashing to the ground very easily resulting in much cursing, gluing…and hopefully no bruises…


Julie said...

Congratulations to Helena. I know she'll just love them in her new house.
I love the hearts for Hubby too, he may not know what to do with it but you do and he can just look at it. :o)
Have a great day Kim. Hope everyone gets to feeling better shortly. Take care.

urban craft said...

this is adorable. And a great learning experience! What did you use to cut the wood?

Julie said...

I left something on both my blogs for you. You can pick or choose which one you want to look at or both. Go look and see.
Love you Kim.

Helena said...

Thanks you made my day.;)

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