Friday, March 5, 2010

Decant and Recant


I don’t have much for you today…lots of projects in the works but not much for results. :) This is one little thing I’ve been working on. It started because my ginormous gallon of vinegar didn’t fit in my cabinet. Really, I use very little of it for baking – mostly just cleaning. So I found a nice glass bottle in my stash – used one of my handy dandy labels and wallah! Here is another tip for you – the vitamin E oil that you can buy by the vitamins makes an awesome eye makeup remover!! Two in one – moisturize and clean!! (Don’t get any in your eyes – it doesn’t burn or anything but it can’t be good for you!) I’m off to play with Julie today – gonna be a good day! Then off to see Alice in Wonderland at the movies this weekend with Abby and Carmen. Gonna be a good weekend too! Happy crafting!!


Debbie said...

Thanks for following me. You have a fun blog and a very resourceful husband...nice rack.

Annalea said...

You have a jar stash *too*??? :o) Sweet. Now I have reinforcements besides my mom. lol the DH is now thoroughly outnumbered! (He's always trying to throw away my jars . . . )

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