Friday, March 12, 2010

Give-A-Way details!

OK! Are you ready for the detail?! Here is what I’m going to give away -

Animal Greetings Mix & Match Stationery

  The Animal Greetings stationery set







From My Garden Eco-Keepsake Notecards

  The Clare Rojas notecards -





Floriography Journal

  The Clare Rojas journal










  My wooden hen…









  And… I’ll cut out a letter for you! Whatever font and size you want!

  (Up to 8” by 10” we have to stay realistic here…)

  I will work with you via email to get it just right!

I have a few other odds and ends that I’ll throw in that will be a surprise!! Just some fun little stuff… So what do you have to do?! Well follow me! Look over there on the right where you see the follow button – click “follow” and do what it says – it’s EASY! I’d appreciate a comment telling me you’ve followed me too – everyone who has followed me up to now automatically gets TWO entries!! Yippee!!!! And this is open to everyone – friends, family, strangers…I’m gonna announce whatever name I draw first – if your my neighbor good for me cause that’ll save me a bunch on postage! hehe!! Speaking of postage – if you live overseas and I get to the post office and faint at the cost we might have to negotiate for something lighter…like a few custom papercuttings perhaps? We’ll work it out. I’ll leave this give-a-way open for exactly one week so next Friday morning I’ll draw the name – good luck!!!!


Julie said...

Looks Kim. Someone will be very happy with all of this. Good for you. Good luck to you too. This will be fun to see how it all goes. I posted last night for you and hope that some come your way.
Take care Kim, have a great day!!
Love you girlfriend.

cindi said...

You know I'm followin'! I'll try and send some your way...but pick my name first.

Jenna said...

Everything looks so great!
I became a follower :)

hilltopper said...

so as a follower, we are aklready entered twice?!! awesome!

Me said...

Well, I follow you now - here is a tip - I find it is often cheaper to ship UPS for heavier packages....

Me said...

BTW your name slays me - I used to buy giant jars of pickles (the gallon ones) just so I could keep the jar - (even though I don't know if we ever actually finished one)...

Starla said...

yaaa - I have been a follower fun

Anonymous said...

Count me in Kim! Looks great!! Thanks, Marie Watrin

The Deal Diva said...

Happy Friday Follow! I'm a follower of your blog now!

This is a super cute giveaway!

Micael :)

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