Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wooden Chicken


Strap on your eye protection ladies, I found this great scroll saw pattern for a wooden chicken! hehe! I’m not calling this an Easter craft, to me it’s more of a Spring craft. Easter is about Jesus, really not about chicks and bunnies, but I love the “freshness” of chicks and bunnies.

The instructions say you can also make this out of paper, which would also be very nice – framed in a small frame? Cute!

I lengthened the chicken so this one is going to look less round than the pattern, and instead of relying on paint for the whole thing I decided to use Modge Podge and scrapbooking paper for the feet and comb. I think it brings it more up-to-date. What do you think? Too 1990’s?

OK – I’m off to watch my daughter at a Special Olympics basketball tournament – GO TEAM!!


Julie said...

Hey you, Kim said she used 1" pine for the body and comb and 1/4" for the feet and beak and a piece of wire to hold on the comb. Thank goodness she told me that, with my luck I would of used something wrong. I think I'll try and make it today and will send picture to Kim for show and tell.
Take care Kim, have fun at Abby's Olympics.

Cindi said...

Too cute! It looks great. I hope Abby has a great time at the tournament.

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