Friday, April 23, 2010

Since Wednesday…

I have made almost 4 lbs of butter (It’s good to make friends with the milk man) and used almost five pounds of flour making bread. This bread…This recipe is to die for!! And it’s low-fat! (Click the link or the picture to be taken to the recipe.)

The recipe is at and it’s called a “Country Loaf”. It calls for bread flour but I don’t keep that on hand…instead I have Vital Wheat Gluten and add 4 tsp./loaf. It is soooo good. CRUSTY on the outside and SOFT on the inside. For my supper I spread a couple slices with pesto, topped with cheese and broiled until brown. Then I topped it with my favorite pasta sauce. Heaven in my mouth!! The kids liked it too – although they liked the grilled meat that was also served better. lol. My Betty Crocker is always my first stop when looking for a recipe. I’ve loved that cookbook since I’d look at my mom’s. Do you have a favorite cookbook, and if so what is it? I love Betty because the recipes are always basic…I always make it the way it’s shown the first time and then experiment after that.

I also tried to stamp on metal again…maybe I’ve found the craft that has finally stumped me…I’ll share pictures next week. lol.

Have a great weekend and Happy Crafting!!


Melissa said...

I grew up with a Betty Crocker cookbook...I am not sure if Mom and Dad still have the original - pages were torn and sticking together and the cover wasn't actually attached the last time I saw it.

A few years back, my parents spent sometime tracking down copies of that edition so that each of us kids could have one. I have such fond memories of cooking with that cookbook.

The "Dubs" said...

Hey there! New Follower here. Can't wait to read more. I Just LOVE Crafts (and having been saving my jars- go figure).


nattyj said...

Hi Kim - now your newest follower! That loaf of bread looks so good!
I am having lots of fun crafting away and getting my Garden Swap package ready to send to you. Will be posting in a couple of days!

cindi said...

I'm so jealous you have an actual milk man. We haven't had a milk man 'round these parts since I was a kid. Sounds yummy for you and your family though!

Julie said...

I love the Joy of Cooking my daddy gave me when I got married. It looks like I use it alot, you know those sticky pages, crusty ones and writting all over it. When I can't find exactly what I want somewhere else I'm always heading back to that book.
Thanks for sharing Kim. Oh have you tried homemade flavored butter. I put in roasted peppers and garlic and season salt with just a bit of parmasaen cheese, it's excellent with spaghetti or lasagna. Just a thought.
Take care and I'll chat with you later on.

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