Monday, April 26, 2010

Did you have a good weekend?

I did…didn’t do anything in the house that was on my list but did dig up ferns at a friend’s house for 4 hours…and got them planted!! My fingers hurt a bit this morning but that is about it, I had thought I’d be in much worse shape…knock on wood!

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Top two pictures shows more craft-fails for me…Notice the upside down “G” on the first spoon and the barely readible lettering on the second. sigh. I learned to press the letters into a piece of foil to check the orientation…and to hit the hammer harder…guess this will be an ongoing version of hell battle for me. lol.

Also have sprouts! The “P” is for Peas, The “B” is for Basil, and there is also beans, and cucumbers planted. I didn’t start these super early because I can’t seem to keep my seedlings alive much beyond this point. I just wanted to give everything a head start. Those beans and peas are getting tall much faster than I had thought they would though…never started those before…but figured if they can do it in grade school all the time I should be able to handle it…Happy Crafting!!!


Julie said...

If you're peas and beans don't make it they are really a seed you plant right in the ground because they are such a fast grower but good luck on them all. I can see the kids playing with all the seeds and killing every single one so not a good thing to do here.
I tagged you at on my blog for a photo tag. It's easy and fun and though you'd like to share. Go read and see if you want to do it. I know, no awards but this is a fun post, not an award.
Talk to you after rest time. Take care Kim.

nattyj said...

Can you tell me what you have planted your seeds into? Looks like peat moss? What a great idea! Hope they grow big & healthy! I have to do some seeds this week too & plant some bulbs as we are coming into Winter here in Australia. :)

Cindi said...

I love that your spoons aren't perfect. I absolutely adore that they are done with love and effort. That's what's important. Thanks for the tip about Gary Paulsen...I really need to read him.

Melissa said...

Yep - I better photograph mine since you've been sharing yours. :)

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