Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Teenagers are weird!

I’ve noticed that many of the bloggers out there are mothers of small children. Usually elementary aged children. Well, as a mother to a couple of teenagers I thought they should have a “heads-up” about teenagers. The stories that I tell aren’t necessarily only about my teenagers…sometimes I’ll be talking about a teenager I just know…because we tend to have a lot of them around here…

One mom was cleaning her back yard this spring and came across a plastic bottle with another bottle cut and taped to the top – basically one was a funnel into the other. Well, this mom had perhaps watched too many episodes of 20/20 and other news programs and instantly started to check her memory for clues as to what this was. Were they “huffing” or mixing dangerous chemicals, or what?! She picked the bottle up to inspect it more closely. The funnel part fell off so she brought it up to her nose to get a sniff. (Why are mom’s always sniffing things? Haven’t we learned that lesson yet?) She got some on her nose and realized it was pee! Yes, her teenage son had peed in a bottle and rather than dispose of it he threw it into a corner of the back yard. Upon questioning the son the mom learned he’d peed in it in his bedroom because he didn’t want to come downstairs. He had no answer as to why it was in a corner of the back yard rather than in the garbage can 20 feet away…teenagers are weird!

Teenagers are also funny! My son was going swimming with his youth group from church. A friend who wasn’t a part of the youth group wanted to go with him. Sure, that was fine. On the way to the pool the friend asked my son “So how do we read the bible in the pool? I’ve never done that before…” Funny!

Teenagers can also be dramatic! You will get a lot of “Why is everything in this house always my fault!” and “You never let me do anything!” (After hanging with the posse for 12 hours straight). And my personal favorite: “There is nothing to eat!” (After having consumed the equivalent of their body mass in food).

Good luck and God Bless all of you…


Julie said...

And to think yours are early and mid teens, wait a bit longer. Really Mike isn't as hard now but more bull headed and very stubborn. Then they graduate. Good luck, it's a curse and a great blessing.
Talk to you later on. Take care Kim.

Kimberly said...

I love, love, LOVE this post and it is soooooo true! I am the mother of one grown daughter and two teen boys... and I'm right there with you. I get a lot of "Why are you so mean to me?!!!" When I try to wake the Sr. for school.

Good news... it's almost over... well school anyway.

Thanks so much for sharing!

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