Thursday, May 27, 2010

Abby’s Artwork

Abby is in an art class at school this quarter. I am so happy about that!!! She never wants to craft with me…but maybe this will spark a little more interest in her. Abby chose to take this class – wow! This project came home yesterday:


It’s a latch-hook. I think I’ll bind the edges with some red fabric (?) and it will hang in my office for the rest of my days.

Here is what it looks like hanging on my office wall:


No…I still haven’t painted this room…I am just HORRIBLE at making up my mind on a color. The white splotches you see are because I filled all those nail holes and then primed over them (and now I’m busy adding new holes left and right!). And doesn’t the moulding look nice and seamless now? I don’t know why it looks curved in the picture – cause it is straight on the wall? And now you know what I mean when I said the background paper on the three flowers paper cutting doesn’t exactly “go” with the theme…gotta fix that.

Are you wondering what I’m working on? I said I have felt a quilling fever coming on…


I have been admiring, gasping, and coveting the work by Yulia Brodskaya (click on her name to see an example at All Things Paper). The project you see above is a work-in-progress and a practice piece. I’ve learned lots just by what I’ve done so far – I will finish this one and probably do another using the techniques I’m picking up as I go along. I had a quilling fever a few years back and made oodles of quilled snowflakes…and gave them all away :) Isn’t it funny how a craft can overtake a person…then they drop it…and then it reemerges in fever-form once again? No? Well, that is often the way it works with me. Carmen is going to come over this evening for a quilling marathon…yippee!!!!! Oh – one last thing – the scrolled “K” is from another awesome blog called The Daily Drop Cap. Lots of inspiration over there! Happy Crafting!!


Julie said...

Ha, you just called so I figured I'd look before I returned your call. I love the K it is so neat. And you have to tell Abby just how great that heart looks. I think binding it in red will look great. The grouping of pictures is so cool Kim, I love your paper cut outs. Okay, now I'll call you back. Take care. Hey, you didn't say you noticed my new blog header, maybe haven't had a chance yet or maybe cuz you look at it in google reader instead. If the last, go look...I like it, alot.
Take care Kim and than you for sharing. :o)

Melissa said...

Oh, I've done quilling, it is such a neat art form but I've never been feverish for it...things like this make me wish I was.

Yeah for Abby...I would treasure it too.

Ann Martin said...

Hi Kim, thanks for the link to my blog. Your K is gorgeous! I love seeing what people come up with when they combine quilling with lettering. (Tomorrow I'll be featuring some more, so stop by.) Love the latch hook heart too! I had the best time doing a small rug, doormat size really, years ago - funny to think these 70s crafts have come back.

Anonymous said...

love your K and your daughter did great on her latch hook!

Giving you an award on my blog! Please come by and accept it!

Free Samples said...

That is absolutely adorable! You've inspired me to try this out!

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