Monday, May 24, 2010

Another Felt Wristlet

I have the felting bug…


My last wristlet was just a little too small so I made a bigger one over the weekend. :)  I also have another one in the works…it is just so nice to have some hand-work to do in the evenings! I am however,  starting to feel the felt-fever breaking…and I feel a quilling-fever coming on!

PS: The unfinished size of the wristlet is 9X12 and I used the felt-cutting-tips found here.

Happy Crafting!!


Groovy Pumpkin said...

This is lovely - and I just popped over to where your felt cutting tips were - what good ideas - thanks for sharing.

Have a great day,

Jane xx

Julie said...

I love this little pouch. I still love the double zipper, what a great way to use that left over cut offs. Love it!!!
Keep them coming, I love your ideas.
Take care Kim.

Snippety Gibbet said...

You produce so much, you need to open an Etsy shop. jan

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