Monday, May 17, 2010

Felt Wristlet


I wanted a little something to carry when I’m just running to the store – and something that would fit into any bag I own.  Something that would be able to hold my checkbook and other important stuff. This is what I’ve come up with so far. I think I’ll make one a little bigger next time. Notice the double zipper across the top? That wasn’t on purpose. It happened because I was jabbering on the phone and accidently zipped the zipper head right off! It was easy enough to add another and I like the way it looks. I’ve been intending to do a little embroidery on this too but just haven’t…The weather has been so wonderful…I don’t really have anything to show you regarding the outside chores just yet…but I’ve been touching up the window trim with paint…and touching up the doors. I got my planters mostly planted this weekend. They are pretty skimpy – but better than nothing. It’s hard when I’m so cheap thrifty cause it just kills me to pay for plants that only last one season. I did winter some geraniums in my basement…but forgot to get them out in time for this year. However, I planted them in a flower bed just the same so I can see if they green up and grow. Happy Crafting!


Groovy Pumpkin said...

Love that little wristlet - I could do with something like that too!!

Jane xx

Melissa said...

Oh such a sweet birdie!! I love the fabric - can't quite tell but I think it is the same as the lining fabric on my winter bag (which shamefully, I haven't switched to my summer bag yet)...

Julie said...

I love it Kim. So easy to just have and use.
I've got to get my butt over to your house to see all the clean up and painting you've been doing, plus planting.
Just finished up my flowers, next will be the like a couple more weeks.
Take care and I'll chatter with you later on.

Cindi said...

Sometimes our "boo-boos" are the best part of the project. Absolutely love the double zipper and the little bird.

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