Friday, May 7, 2010

Not a food blog…maybe a bread blog?

Click on the picture to be taken to the recipe. This has become a favorite around here! It is just so quick and easy to make and doesn’t require milk…I have teenagers…nuff said. I have probably made 10 loaves in the past two weeks! Sorry that this isn’t a “crafty” post – but this is an excellent opportunity to archive our favorite bread recipes. Not that I ever lose my cookbook or anything…OK – I lose it a the time! I’ll bring it with me into the office, or while sitting on the couch, or sometimes I’ll even have it in the KITCHEN…and totally lose track of it! Otherwise I’ve been making little felt wristlets…and swearing a lot…more on that next week! Happy Crafting – and have a wonderful weekend and Mother’s Day!!!


yonca said...

Oh,that picture made me feel hungry!Love the title:)

Julie said...

Thank you Kim for posting the recipe. Now you know what I'll be doing tomorrow especially since Mike saw the bread picture and asked me to make some. He is such a bread nut.
I'll talk to you tomorrow. I sure miss my regular phone and our longer chats. Oh well, can't help that right now. Maybe he'll call this week.
Take care Kim. I hope that you had an excellent Mother's Day. Love you girlfriend.

Michele {The Scrap Shoppe} said...

I definitely think cooking counts as crafty. Just different ingredients! I left you a little something on my blog this morning. Please stop by when you get a chance!

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