Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Storage Solution Version 1

Last week I was lucky enough to hit a fantastic garage sale and I picked up a lot of wool blazers, coats, skirts, etc…Anyways, after felting them and taking them apart so I have nice big chunks (thank you Carmen!) I had a laundry basket of felted wool that had no home. Hmmmm, I’d love to put them in clear keepers with a lid…but that could get expensive…it sometimes seems as if I spend more on ways to store craft supplies than on the supplies themselves…I could sew a fabric box! No….I store everything in the basement now and while there aren’t a ton of spiders – spiders do happen – and dust happens.  In the end I decided to make these boxy pouches and because I can’t see what is inside I added a key-chain ring to the zipper and tied a bit of whatever felt was inside. Ahhhh, this works GREAT! And because they are so easy and quick to make I whipped up three of them in 30 minutes.
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These are roughly 7” tall, 6” wide, and 10” long. I used a thrifted white sheet to make them. Out of one good sized flat sheet you could make 9 boxy pouches. It would take roughly an hour and a half. To measure and cut the sheet I held a section from my fingertips to my bra strap and ripped from the short end. Then held that ripped piece from my fingertip to my bicep and ripped again the short way. Repeat until you have 9 rectangles and get sewing! (Oh I cut a three inch square to box the corners) - (Do you craft this way too? The part I hate the most about sewing is the cutting and getting everything ready – this, though, was just too easy!) Don’t get too hung up on the measurements – if you want to know how to make a boxy pouch go here – this is a great tutorial. Happy Crafting!!
PS: Full disclosure – I didn’t add any interfacing or a lining to my pouches – but I did serge the inside seams…just cause I could…you wouldn’t have to…they aren’t exactly going to get hard wear and tear…but if they were I would add a lining.
For more storage solutions go here - Organize and Decorate your Life - there's lots of good ideas!


Julie said...

So cool Kim. This was the perfect way store you material. I love the scrap idea on the zipper pull.
You are so smart. Such great work. I bet you're going to make more.
Keep up the great work. Ideas....so many of them!!!

Melissa said...

The part that makes this brilliant is the scrap of fabric to let you see what is in the bag!!

Skitzo Leezra Studio said...

Instantly in like with the crisp white appearance of the fabric storage boxes and when I read on to discover you used a thrifted sheet - you are one impressive lady.
But the pure genius is the felt sample on the ring! You go!

Liesl said...

They look very handy indeed. Thanks for the link to the tutorial - I shall have to go have a look (I need to do a clean up round here!). I love the idea of attaching a bit of fabric to the key-chain ring. Great idea!

Leanne said...

First, I have to say I love the name of your blog. Second, I would love to be able to sew like you. What a great storage solution. Thanks for linking to We're Organized Wednesday. Hope to see you again.

Melissa said...


I hope you don't mind but I awarded you.



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