Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Thinking ahead to the back yard…

Has the weather been nice where you are? It has been a lovely spring here. We are soon to start up the weekly campfires in our back yard. Once a week we host a campfire and invite anybody who wants to come. Usually at least a few neighbors come and we chat and mix a few cocktails. Kids are welcome too – they run around and play with flashlights. Some truly wonderful memories are created. I love that the kids will grow up remembering campfire nights that happened all summer long. I seriously have to dress up my back yard. It is a sad and pitiful yard – between the dogs and mainly the kids it is a wreck…I’ve been looking at setting up an outside bar…and perhaps some bar furniture. Wouldn’t that be fun? We could mix snow cones and cocktails right outside!

I’d also like to try making some furniture like this: (click on the pictures to be taken to the links)


That can’t be tooooooo hard can it?

I’m also thinking about this:

Make a Hanging Chair Out of a Wooden Shipping Pallet

We have a wooden swing set that the kids have almost outgrown…maybe we could update some of the swings to this?

Now this is perhaps a bit out of my league…but how cool!

Palletcouch Main

And here is a video showing how to make a pallet chair… now to get a hold of some pallets…Happy Crafting!

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Julie said...

Want some good pallets? Mike can save you some. Every week they get at least 10 in and sometimes they are in excellent shape. Just holler and I'll have Mike save you some if you want them.
I love the outdoor funiture. There is a wooden bench Mike and I'd like to make a few off so grandma can walk over here and be able to rest in-between.
Take care Kim. Today is Cleo's funeral so I won't probably be talking to you until this afternoon some time. Have a great and quiet morning.

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