Monday, May 3, 2010

Updated updates…

First thing I’d like to direct you to an awesome jewelry site that my friend Ona has! It’s called 2nd Street Glass! I am so jealous…she has a kiln and makes beautiful jewelry! Look:

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Isn’t that pretty! I have kept in contact with only TWO friends from high school.  My husband…and Ona. She’s that awesome! I only wish we lived closer…Ona is the person who got me started papercutting! I’d have to thank Ona for starting me stamping too. I remember she came over when we lived closer and we stamped and colored like little kids. Since then we’ve both moved and have kept in contact via snail mail! I always look forward to her letters – which have been coming to my mailbox for about TEN YEARS now.  I just know we’d be playing with glass if I lived closer…sigh. You really should go check out her pretties…this pendant is only $20.00! Come on and give me some comment love so I can send it to Ona – she deserves it!

Now, remember this?

blogphotos 001

Well, now it is like this:

G&H 043

Isn’t that just an awful picture?! I had to use the flash…sorry. You can see the chair on the right is a little further along. I tied all the springs and then covered them with carpet. Yup – carpet. Carmen said I needed something stiff on there so the foam didn’t push through the springs…by gosh she was right!!! I happened to have some carpet left over from when we redid the boys rooms about 4 years ago...cause I hoard stuff like that…The walls have been caulked and patched and I’ve primed over those areas a few times. We also were gifted some wood laminate flooring that will go in here if there is enough left after doing the front entry. There should be plenty. There is still a long way to go in this room, but at least it is functional now. I seem to be having a hard time starting new crafting projects. I think I now know why…I don’t want to start…you know: find the right fabric, find the right thread, find the right pattern or figure out the pattern, find the paint, find the brushes, find the right paper… I think I’m going to start getting the “supplies” ready a day ahead of time. Like the night before I want to do something I go and at least start getting all that together. I’ll let you know how that goes hehe! Until Wednesday…Happy Crafting!!

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Carmen@Thriftstorehorror said...

Love Love LOVE Ona's stuff! Thanks for the link!

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