Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Cord Organizer

Do you have a million little cords to hook up your gadgets to the computer – or to charge them? I do! They are/were always a tangle on my desk and finding the right one was frustrating! So, I came up with this. It isn’t pretty. Someday when life is less hectic I’ll aim for pretty – right now functional is the goal.

005 006

Basically I took a couple cereal boxes and some packing tape and started cutting and taping. It works great! Someday I envision pretty dividers with little tabs telling me what is in each box…well… we can dream. I have it in this wooden basket and it sits on a shelf very near the computer. As I find cords I coil them up and they now have a home!!!

Happy Crafting!!


Julie said...

A great idea Kim. I have them all in a basket so can find them but they are always the last one to pull out. This would be a much neater, organized idea. Thank you!!
Maybe when things calm down here I can do that too. Maybe next week while you are away I'll suprise you with a cool idea or something. We'll see.
Take care and I'll talk to you later on.

yonca said...

That's a great idea! I put them in a box and whenever I need a cord, take them all out to find the right one:)

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