Monday, June 14, 2010

Still here…

Hello! I’m still here – it’s just been VERY hectic and to make matters worse this week I’m going to have a garage sale. My sister talked me into it! I had one a few years ago and I thought it was a bust…and I swore never to have one again. I’ve been happily donating my stuff ever since. Well, there is no getting around my sister when she gets an idea in her head so here I am. However, I have found that by doing this I’m getting closer to my goal of touching everything in this house and putting it away! I am also finding I am much more willing to part with certain things if I think I might get some cash. I have a goal in my head to make enough money to purchase a new cast-iron skillet. So, when I’m considering whether or not to sell something I ask myself what do I want more…this vase or a new skillet? It does make it easier to let go.

So, I will leave you with a link to Crafty Pod. You should go check out these podcasts – especially the one I’m linking to called Craft Supplies I Am No Longer Allowed To Buy. It ties in very nicely with this post!

Happy Crafting!!

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Julie said...

You're going to do fine and I apprecaite you letting me add my stuff too. I am about to head to the podcast and see if they can help me to donate too.
Take care Kim and I do thank you for letting me sell some goodies too.
Love you girlfriend.

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