Friday, July 9, 2010

Happy Place

I just have to say that paper goods bring me to my happy place.  I was lucky enough to preview some new items from Chronicle Books. I swooned and panted when I saw the package in my mailbox. (Actually my hubbie brought the package in and probably thought I was swooning and panting for him…sorry honey…it was the package.) Inside the package was this:


Hope Valley stationery by Denyse Schmidt. For those of you who don’t sew, Denyse Schmidt designs lovely fabric and has brought the sweet and fresh look to stationery! Yay us!!

Also inside the package was:


As soon as he saw this my youngest son wanted to write a letter!!! I have been writing via snail-mail with a high school friend for years and she has a daughter about Gabe’s age…so Quinn there is a letter in the mail to you! (Hope you write back, Gabe needs the practice…writing a letter when you’re nine isn’t easy…)

And last but not least…Our love is here to stay – 15 postcards of affection.


Isn’t this a clever way to send a love note to your sweetie? The graphics are really cool too – I always love “old-school”.

If I could do it all over again I’d get a letterpress and go into the paper business. Is almost 39 too old??? I don’t know why paper goods trip my trigger so fast – there is just something about the smell and feel of paper and ink. The graphics…it’s my happy place!!! Happy crafting!!!!


yonca said...

I love smell of paper too:)It's funny ..whenever I relaxed under a big old tree makes me feel the same way.Happy crafting!

Julie said...

I gotta tell you people, the pictures are good but seeing these goodies in person was excellent. Kim, you are such a lucky duck. Thank you for sharing one of the cards with me.
Have a great weekend Kim. Talk to you Monday.

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