Tuesday, July 6, 2010

This & That


This is my “garden” and it’s going NUTS! Yippee!! In this little plot I have tomatoes, peas, beans, parsley, basil, and some volunteers – we don’t know what the plants are – either pumpkin or squash. See the yellow headboard in the back? I got that from my mother-in-law and am using it for the pole beans and peas. It’s been working great – thank you Mary! The peas and beans, however, have been starting to climb all over the tomatoes, it’s chaos.


This was a little gift from my hubbie – cause he has a great sense of the ridiculous too!


This light and cloud show was a little gift from God yesterday evening. It was just amazing!!!

Happy Crafting!


Melissa said...

Yeah for your garden. It has been a good gardening year here...wish I had planted mine!!

Button's said...

It looks great!!!! Peas kind of have a mind of there own! My strawberries were great this year! Do you want some plants for your garden?

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