Sunday, August 15, 2010

Quilling gone wrong…


This was supposed to be a representation of  fireworks. Sometimes things just don’t work out – ha ha. At least the colors are patriotic.

Otherwise I’m finally getting a little crafting juice flowing again…I have a couple ideas to try out and I can’t wait! It has been too long since I’ve done anything.

I’m also still sad about Rusty. Today is the first day I haven’t cried about that darn dog. It is strange being in the house without him…and sometimes it is strange in a good way. I had a bag of garbage ready to go out and it didn’t get torn into! There is nobody staring at me incessantly at 9:00 at night ready for his biscuit…Rusty had a built-in alarm clock. Then I’ll feel guilty for enjoying the change…argh!!!!!!

Today we took Abby to camp for another session. She was soooo excited! Before we dropped her off we did a little shopping for school clothes. Have you ever been to Savers? They are a giant thrift store. They are a bit more expensive than the usual thrift stores I shop at but they have many more “brand-name” items. Abby actually got a little excited about shopping! She showed enthusiasm when I’d pull something out for her to try on – yippeeeee! We came home with 11 t-shirts, 7 sweatshirts (maybe a couple more I can’t remember), 3 pair of pants, 1 pair of shoes, and some random kitchen accessories and spent $123.00. At the checkout I learned that if I had brought a bag of stuff to donate I would have gotten 20% off my entire purchase!!! That was painful to hear! I will be soooo prepared next time. I really couldn’t care less what the label on a t-shirt says, but my older son cares. So I said “fine – you can have the brand-name stuff but it will be on my terms”…and he was totally OK with this arrangement. Happiness all around.

Happy Crafting!!


Melissa said...

Just the same, it is still very pretty!!

Julie said...

I love your quilling. One day, just maybe I'll surprise you with something. I'm still sad about Rusty too, one day it'll be a bit easier but think of Tuna, I still miss her terrible.
I've never been to Savers, some day will have to try them. I'm glad you got so many great deals.
Take care and I'll chatter with you later on.

yonca said...

Glad to hear you got good deals. I love thrift stores.But never been to Savers..will check it out if we have a Savers around us:) Thanks!

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