Thursday, August 19, 2010

Bad news/Good news/Cool Chair!

The bad news was that while cleaning crud out of my kitchen faucet handle (inside) it fell apart. More bad news…I had a heck of a time finding the stem valve…good news I got it online and installed. Bad news…that very day our hot water heater decided to take a crapper. So while the faucet was now capable of hot water there was no hot water to be found. Good news…went to town and purchased a new hot water heater and my hubbie and a fantastic family friend installed it last night. PHEW! More good news…while shopping for a new hot water heater we stopped at the Re-Store and I found two of these chairs for $5.00 each!


Because I love looking everything up online I found they are selling for $140.00/chair. And my hubbie didn’t want me to get them…hehe. I’m keeping them. One is my new kitchen table chair cause we’re always short a chair and the other one is my new office chair. LOVE them!

Crafty news is that I played with my scroll saw the other day. My friend, Julie, had given me a bunch of woodworking magazines and this pattern was calling my name:


OK, it’s a crappy picture, after I get it sanded and finished I’ll take a better one. (It’s a goofy rooster). Fun stuff! Happy Crafting!


Julie said...

I love those chairs, so cool. Can't wait to see what kind of cover you put it.
Love the rooster too, you have such a good eye for painting and color, can't wait to see what you do.
I'm glad you got your water heater so fast and installed. So cool. Now you can enjoy hot water again.
Take care Kim.

Melissa said...

You are amazing!! That rooster is the coolest ever!! I love, love, love that you did that yourself!

yonca said...

Glad you got hot water again. The chair is really cool.Only $5? Wow, good deal!
You're so talented Kim.That rooster looks great! Bravo!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the rooster! What a are talented. LOL--mom

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