Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Craft Room Storage Ideas

I got a shelf thingy at a garage sale this summer for a dollar. I painted it up with some left-over spray paint and hung it in the basement for craft supplies – see:


Well, I loved it soooo much I decided to make another one –  see:


I used old scrap lumber I had laying around. Some of the boards were/are even twisted but it still came together nicely! I have since hung it up and started organizing – see:


I made sure the bottom shelf would hold my big bottle of glue and the next shelf would hold those other bottles of glue…and just kind of winged the other shelves. I’m sure I’ll paint it eventually but at the time it was soooo humid here the paint wouldn’t have dried. I hung each shelf a different way and will show you another time. I’ve been playing around with ways to hang stuff in the basement without going through the concrete.  Oh – and I’d like to say that the crookedness is an optical illusion…but it isn’t. Stuff is crooked in my house. Since I hang stuff myself and haven’t grown an extra arm it is what it is.

PS: See all those ink pads on the third shelf of the blue unit - up on the left – 12 of them? Well, I scored them at a garage sale on Friday for $6.00 – and many of them were still wrapped in packaging!!!! So then I inked up a hole protector and stuck them on the ends to show what colors they are.

Happy Crafting!!!


Melissa said...

All you organized crafters are making me lust after my organization. Great job!!

Julie said...

It looks so nice and neat up on your wall Kim. I really think something like that would work here too. We'll have to see about that once school starts.
Hope you're have a great day with hubby home. Talk with you tomorrow.

Unknown said...

Good job on the shelves!! Sorry your bumming with the loss of Rusty...darn it! He was a good dog.

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