Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My Hubbie’s Day Off

Here is what we do when my hubbie has the day off (or I should say this is what we’d like to do –but don’t get to all that often).

shooting 005

Hubbie got a new toy! This is an AR 50 and it is LOUD and HEAVY! He is just getting the feel for it in this picture…cause you definitely need ear protection. My son and I plinked around with a .22 – it is just so much fun!

shooting 035 shooting 034

Just look at the smile on his face. I used to be a little scared of guns but taking the permit to carry course really helped me. I decided I better learn a little bit about guns and give them a try cause they are so important to my hubbie. If you can’t beat them – join them! To my amazement I have a LOT of fun with him at the shooting range. We giggle like little kids.

Here are some videos of my hubbie and a good friend shooting this monster. Um, the first video is a bit shaky cause I just didn’t realize how much I’d JUMP. By the time the other video was shot I had propped my camera up on a garbage can and some sand bags so it is much steadier.

Happy Crafting!


Julie said...

I am so glad you guys got to go and shoot. I'll show my hubby the video and then your hubby will have to have a show and tell day out here.
Your wee one looked so happy out there with you guys.
Take care Kim and I'll chatter with you later on.

yonca said...

Looks like everybody had lots of fun.Gotta love those days off!

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