Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I FINALLY sewed again!!


I seem to have been in a sewing slump lately. There is always something else that needs to be done instead. It was time to break the no-sewing-cycle! Well, I can always use a fabric basket – so I’ve been making up a pattern as I go – I think this is almost right. I do want to add some  handles and maybe tweak the shape a little bit. When I’m happy I’ll share the pattern if you’d like. Here is a close-up of the button – I think it’s pretty neat! It’s metal – kinda hard to see in the photo.


Over the weekend we went to Duluth/Proctor to watch our friend drive in an enduro race. That was FUN! Over a hundred cars started out and this is what the track looks like at times…


And this is the winning car – driven by our friend Bob!!!


As you can see in the enduro race you can have passengers – well I have a Ford Escort wagon in my front yard with over 310,000 miles on it and just enough life left in it for this race (hope) – my hubbie will drive it in this race next year and I get to ride with and take video!

Oh – and if you’re in Duluth you should go to Canal Park on the shore of Lake Superior. We went there for a picnic lunch before the race – beautiful!



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Julie said...

There is nothing like having a picnic on Superior. I so love the pictures. Wait till Mike see the mud on that car, I bet it just might be something he'll love to see or even be part of. Hummm....should I show him? :o)
I'll call you later, still waiting for the college to call.
Take care Kim.

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