Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Awwww, I couldn’t stay away….

Just a couple things…first of all does your basement have that “not so fresh” smell. (Remember those commercials!) I thought I’d like to smell something other than dust while doing laundry and organizing yesterday so I put some oatmeal in a circle of fabric, sprinkled some potpourri oil on it, tied it up, and hung it from a return vent. This is the vent that blows warm, heated air. I’m thinking I’ll do the same thing at an intake vent, this will pull the scented air into the furnace and blow it throughout the house. It’s not a strong smell, the potpourri oil was from the dollar store, but it is fresher down there!


Otherwise I’m combating dust bunnies. And the bunnies are winning…they all look remarkably like this little critter…


Ahhh, remember summer?

Because of all the static she darn near sparks as she walks across the carpet and the static is pulling the hair from her to the floor…time to get the humidifier going! And, maybe I’ll put some potpourri oil next to the intake of that as well.

That’s it! Happy Crafting!!

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