Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Last minute crafty gift ideas!!


This is an old barbeque sauce bottle…


There is still time to whip up a couple gifts…with minimal supplies…Here is a bottle I etched with etching cream…for myself. However, I also made one up for Carmen, she already knows because I wanted her input for the words…she picked “Drink Me” (remember? Alice in Wonderland?) Anyways, I then made one up for myself. It’s as easy as sticking on some vinyl stickers (the kind you would use on your mailbox-you can get them at the dollar store) outlining the letters with masking tape, and painting on etching cream. (Thank you Julie for letting me use your etching cream!)


Here are some paper cuttings I cut out…I did a google search for “Free Holiday Clipart” and this is one of the images that popped up…there are two more elves that I want to cut out…I love the attitude! All this required was paper and a scissors!


I needle felted this little guy last night. I think I’m going to keep him. This required some roving and a felting needle. For a small investment you could have a whole herd/flock/gaggle/school of snowmen!


This little deer was made using my scroll saw, free clipart again, scrap wood, clothespin, hot glue, paint and glitter. I couldn’t tell you to go out and buy a scroll saw…but ask around! I personally know of at least four people who own them…and would let me use them! (I’ve completed three of these so far).

I made everything except the etched bottle yesterday.

Good luck and Happy Crafting!!!

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