Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I have a B-A-T!


My B-A-T is actually what I call my “Big Ass TV”. What does one do with these beasts?! I currently have it on a dinky little dresser that is smaller than the TV. sigh. I have a larger, retro dresser in the basement that would be cool – but it is currently BRIGHT BLUE! What was I thinking!! It’s going to be a trial to refinish it…it’s a very nice wood under a few coats of paint…so it would seem a shame to repaint it…but I just can’t imagine scraping all that paint and primer off…sure wish I hadn’t painted it back in the day. That is maybe my ONE paint regret.

I’ve been looking around for solutions and have found I like a  tv stand I’ve found here. (click the pink word) And, I just might go this route to save time…and money. But mostly time! Any ideas? (I know what you’re thinking – spoiled ROTTEN – I agree, my hubbie is spoiled rotten - giggle!) Happy Crafting!

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