Monday, December 13, 2010

Wire tree part II – and other crafts…


Waaaay to cold to take a picture outside (-17 F!) so we’ll have to make do with cruddy indoor pictures for now. Here is the tree almost finished. I used modge podge to seal the sticky floral tape and it worked great! I didn’t even bother with the spray sealer. I’ve added a swing – but the swing seat is not permanent…just to be used “for now”.  The “roots” were never meant to be seen…that’s why they are so dinky. There will be much more to this tree by the time I’m done. And…I’ve started another, larger tree…yes…I really did.


Can you see it there amongst the clutter? Geesh, do you also have 15 different projects going at any given time or is it just me?

We did have girls craft night on Friday evening and we made these mushrooms…


It’s too bad you can’t see the sparkle, cause these babies are glittered! The project can be found at! (LOVE MARTHA!)


And…Lisa sent some fabric my way so I quickly covered a couch cushion in this cute flannel. Thank you Lisa! The cover is removable so I can wash it up and keep it clean. It’s so cuddly!


Last but not least Gabe and I made this snow globe. He has a “thing” for snowglobes and has always loved them. Boy was he tickled to make this! The little snowman is a polymer clay snowman I made a couple years ago on another craft night with Carmen. The funny thing is he’s tall and skinny outside the globe…and fat and jolly inside the globe. I like him much better this way! I used hot glue to glue everything down and to seal the lid on – it works great so far. Otherwise it’s filled with boiled water (then cooled) and a half a teaspoon or so of glycerin and LOTS of glitter. (Maybe too much glitter – is there such a thing?) Thanks Julie for reminding me of this great craft!

Well, that’s it for now – Happy Crafting!!

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