Friday, December 10, 2010

Wire tree – part 1


Here is a picture of my workspace – aka: my spot at the kitchen table. There’s a lot of little projects going on! I’m excited to show you my wire tree…I took random pieces of wire (a neighbor brings me random wire clasps from his work that they would otherwise throw away)…taped them together with masking tape…and am now in the process of covering it all up with brown floral tape. Thank you Carmen for picking that up for me!!! I wanted a tree that was sturdy but still bendable. The only thing that I’ll have to deal with is that the floral tape is sticky on both sides…hmmm…I don’t want a tree covered in dog hair…so I’ll maybe modge-podge it or spray it with a sealer. I guess you’ll have to wait until Monday to know what works the best!


Here’s a close-up of the tree/masking tape combo.

See that mushroom in the top picture? It isn’t done yet – but it is a project I saw on Martha the other day and had to try. I’ve invited a couple friends over for “Girls Craft Night” tonight to make those mushrooms and another project…but I have a sick kid…we’ll see who’s brave enough to come. I’ve been up since about 3 AM with him (my youngest) and I’m tired. I’ll probably be so wired by caffeine by the end of the day I could have a party all by myself, but it would be more fun if they come mess up my kitchen with me! Hope I’m making sense…Happy Crafting!

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