Monday, January 3, 2011

Ahhhhh…back to normal!

Here is one of the gifts I made that I couldn’t show you-


It is a notebook with Gabe’s artwork as the front cover. I just printed out the little robot on cardstock and glued it to the front. Here is a picture of the notebooks as they were being made…


These are all 3x5” with around 50 sheets of paper cut from misc. paper I had on hand (notebook paper, graph paper, copier paper, plotters paper) and backed front and back with chipboard. I clamped the pages together with clothespins and applied padding compound to the top edge (a BIG thanks to Carmen for the padding compound!) and then covered the top edge with book binders tape. FYI: I’ve read that caulking works for the top edge (it holds all the paper together) or several coats of white glue…but the padding compound is just so easy and not messy! Here are some other notebooks we made…


These were fun too…to switch it up a little we busted out our stamps and stamped on random pages in the notebooks with little pictures and sayings…it was a lot of fun…I love girls craft night!

Happy Crafting!

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