Friday, January 14, 2011

Wood crafts, tree crafts, and needle felting…Oh my!

A lot has happened this week…my baby turned 10! That is almost too hard to believe. I haven’t had a house without a “single digit” in it for almost 18 years! We had a birthday party for him on Tuesday. Six wild-eyed kids got off the bus at my house and had a blast. I made homemade pizza…and sliced my pinkie finger of my dominant hand on the can of black olives. Badly! Thankfully my dear neighbor is a nurse and she talked me through it…so after a little glue and a little tape I finally got the bleeding to stop…it was wild around here for a while. The injury has really slowed me down this week, I reopened the wound by just taking a shower yesterday.


I made these wooden blocks for Valentine’s Day…gotta say I don’t like how they turned out…too busy! I need to outline the letters to make them “pop” any suggestions?


Here is a sneak-peak of the tree I’ve been working on here and there since before Christmas…it is gonna be awesome!


I needle felted this little sheep last night. It is my first attempt at a “critter”…I think his legs are a little long…but then I saw a Serta mattress commercial and they have long legs too.


This is the sketch I’m working on for the sketchbook challenge. The theme this month is “most prized”…my family is the most prized to me.

I hope to finish up the tree this weekend and show it to you on Monday…Happy Crafting!!

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