Monday, January 17, 2011

Winter doldrums…

I really didn’t do much over the weekend…I tried…but projects just weren’t turning out. For instance, after the success of the sheep I needle felted I thought I’d try another critter. Let’s just say this is a lesson learned: don’t just start needle felting without a plan!


What the heck is that? I dunno. I threw it in the reject bag and will come back to it some other time. Or never. Remember the tree I thought I’d be able to show you? It’s not done. It’s a little closer to being done though…


And I started an Easter egg needle felting project…again…not done…



I’m not loving the pink, so I’m trying to cover it up with vines, leaves, and flowers…seems like a lot of work to cover up the pink…shoulda just started another? Yup…winter doldrums!

Hope your crafty endeavors are making you happy!

Happy Crafting!!

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