Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Bonus Post Wednesday…

Did you make a New Year’s Resolution to lose weight? I didn’t. Yet, I still want to drop about 15 pounds. Before summer. God help me. I’m going to do that old-fashioned diet called “eat less and move more”. I have been doing a bit of research and have found some helpful tools that make it a lot easier, and if you’re contemplating the same this could help you too. Here we go!

My Fitness Pal- (Free) This is an app you can use on your iPod or smart phone or on your computer. LOVE it! It is making counting calories soooo much easier. I’ve been using it for about a week and have found it very simple and straight forward.

Nike Women’s Training Club- (Free) This app is going to kill me. I love the idea of working out at home…in my jammies…but it is seriously going to kill me. I couldn’t sit down without help for about two days after my first session. I had no idea I was in such poor shape!

Spark Recipes- (Free) If you click on this link you will be taken to a recipe I loaded in just minutes ago. I wanted to know how many calories are in my mom’s muffin recipe and now I know! It was very easy to load the recipe and anyone can join. Just know that 1/3=.33, 2/3=.67 and so on if you intend to load a recipe. You will read the recipe in cups, teaspoons and such…but to get accurate nutritional info you have to convert to a decimal when you are submitting the recipe. I intend to load in many many more recipes and will let you know as they are completed.

My friend Julie- She has been on a quest to get healthier for over a year now…and stuck with it! If you go to her second blog you will find lots of links and motivation. Why didn’t I listen to her last year? Well, I guess I just wasn’t ready…and hadn’t gained that last 10 pounds…sigh.

So while this will continue to be my craft blog I will occasionally post something about getting healthier. It’ll be a bonus.  I am turning 40 this summer and want to be a fit and fabulous 40. With these tools it’s looking like I just might make it – you can too! Happy Crafting!

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