Friday, January 21, 2011

The tree is revealed! (And a quilling project)


Tah-dah!! This is the tree I’ve been working on forever! I really wanted to take it outside and take a picture (because in Minnesota finding good light indoors is a bit of a challenge) but it was –35 degrees when I woke up this morning. Not. Going. Outside!


This picture gives you a little better idea of the colors. The leaves are attached with wire so I can change them out come fall, and remove them next winter if I want. Yes, this tree is a “toy” for me.


I do want to do something with those roots. I’m thinking I need some sort of “ground” and I’ll bury them some how. I’m sure I’ll use felt. I also want to needle felt some more birds in other colors and perhaps an owl.


I needle felted the little hearts out of natural roving (same color as the sheep I needle felted)  and then after they were felted I boiled them in a red drink mix. The red is perfect!


The lighter red heart you see in the background was originally pink that I over dyed with the left over drink mix. It was very weak at that point but it still turned a nice red.

Then I decided to start a Valentine’s Day quilling project. This is how I start-I glue down some strips of paper to get my basic shape. Then fill it in with coils. (I use a toothpick to apply the glue) Done. I got this shadow box at a garage sale (two of them) last summer and removed the dorky scene they had inside and painted everything white. The quilling project is backed with a piece of cereal box cardboard that is held onto the frame with tacks. I can remove it at any time and put a different picture inside. I think I’m going to do another one today. It’s an easy craft that doesn’t take up very much room and is usually relaxing!




My “crafting in the evening” routine might have to change a bit now though, because my husband and I are in a Yahtzee war. Guess what? I WON! (this time)

Happy Crafting!!

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