Monday, January 24, 2011

I need your help!


I needle felted this chair over the past couple of weeks (have you figured out I always have several projects going at any given time?)…and now I want to decorate it. What do you think would look best? White polka dots? Blue flowers? I am going to needle felt some bun feet…I dyed it with drink mix using Tropical Punch and a packet of Cherry.

I tried to turn my comments back on but I don’t know if it worked or not, so you can always email me at with any ideas…please


I started quilling another heart. This is a heart that I had my hubbie draw and I’ve been slowly filling it in with coils…I hope to have this done today or tomorrow so I can show you on Friday. I used a paper crimper on one of the quilling strips and outlined the heart with it…love the effect…I’ll take a closer picture on Friday. Maybe we can have a sunny day for picture taking?


Then during the football marathon yesterday I got out my watercolors and played. The little pointy tic marks were supposed to be leaves…didn’t work out…I’ll leave them off next time! Watercolors are really a lot of fun! I tried to get my little guy involved but he just wasn’t having it. For this picture I drew some simple flowers and filled them in. Easy peasy.


For this picture I copied a free coloring page and then painted it in. It really is a lot of fun…easier than using markers I think. . .

What are you working on? Happy Crafting!


Ann Martin said...

Oh Kim, I love all of your projects and kudos for branching out into so many crafty mediums. I'm such a one track mind. For the chair, I think polka dots would be fun, as would flowers... where are you going to place it though? That might help me decide.

Kim said...

Thank you Ann! I now have 2 votes for polka dots. And, I think the chair will just sit on a little shelf in my office...which is a very neutral color. Hmmm... I'm also considering many options!

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