Friday, February 18, 2011

Kid crafts, Needle Felting, My library mug…

What a week, anybody else thinking TGIF? I got my library mug this week! Our library has a program called “Hot Reads For Cold Nights” every winter and if you sign up and read 20 books you get a mug. This is the sixth year and I’ve gotten a mug every year. It was harder for me this year to read 20 books than it’s ever been before. I don’t know why cause I love a good romance novel! Here is the newest mug and all the previous mugs…


My Valentine came home with this for me on Monday…he knows I love frogs and things that make me smile, and flowers…he knows me so well!


I made this little turtle for my youngest son…the blue roving was dyed with blue Kool Aid and the green was dyed with green Kool Aid. (And I’m finally learning not to dye yards and yards at a time…but I have enough to make him some babies…lots of babies…sigh.) He’s such a cute kid, he came to me on Valentine's morning and wrapped his arms around me and said “Happy Valentine’s Day mom, I love you” and when I gave him a box of candy hearts he said “Oh mom, you’re something else, you’re just so special, and such a nice mom!” Good grief, can a mom ask for any more!


Then I babysat the little girl I sometimes get to watch, who’s two years old, for a couple days. We made play dough the first day and the second day we went to the library with Julie and her daycare kids and back to my house for a play date and lunch. We also did a little “sewing”. As I was heading to my craft stash for plastic canvas and a big blunt needle I saw this piece of plastic. It is the insert that holds up .22 bullets in the little box they come in. It is perfect for little fingers to sew with! No needle needed, only masking tape because the holes are so much bigger! I have a nice little stash thanks to my shooting sessions with hubbie and Julie has brought over several, knowing I’d use them for something, sometimes it pays to hoard a little. (The key is to have an organized hoard!)


Have a great weekend! Happy Crafting!!!


Ann said...

That Hot Reads program idea is brilliant! I wonder who thought of it?!

Your husband and son are ace!

Sweet, sweet little turtle.

Have to say I've never encountered bullet plastic before, but what a great way to teach tiny fingers to sew!

Ona said...

I wish we lived closer!!!

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