Monday, February 21, 2011

Some flannel hankies…and needle felting…

I want to keep my embroidery skilz sharp…so I worked on these soft flannel hankies. Do you remember anyone in your life using a hankie? I do, why don’t people do that anymore?! I’m always too cheap thrifty to actually purchase tissues, so I always end up using toilet paper or paper towels. Can you imagine what my nose looks like after a day of that?! Well, these aren’t for me…me, I’ll probably just rip up flannel sheets and stuff them in a box and use them as throw-a-ways. I have some sheets that are so fragile they wouldn’t be good for anything else. These will go into the box I’m compiling for the bazaar. I hope to have several sets done. Which at 40 minutes per hankie for the running stitch…and don’t ask me how long that blanket stitch took…it’s a good thing I’m getting an early start. But, these will be just the thing for little delicate nosies. And I get to practice my hand stitching.


Thank you, Lisa, for the donated flannel!!! How to make hankie: cut two pieces of flannel 10” square. I used a pinking blade on my rotary cutter to help stop future fraying. Put right sides together, sew all four sides with a 1/2” seam allowance, leaving a three inch opening to turn right-side-out. Turn right-side-out. Press with iron. Topstitch however you want. Topstitching will also close the little opening you left. See, now I’m practicing my tutorial skillz!

On the turtle family front we now have four turtles. They represent my hubbie and three kids. I still have to make myself. I’ve told my youngest son he gets to put the spots on the shells. That’s him, the oddball on the right. hee hee!


And I gave this guy a “brow”. It really changes the look!


Well, that was it for the weekend! Today I’m going to help the Girl Scouts make some little notebooks. And when I say “some” I mean A LOT of notebooks. It should be interesting!!

Happy Crafting!


Julie said...

I love those turtles. You are doing such an awesome job on your felting.
I hope the garage sale goes terrific. Thanks for the cookies and also, you need to share those pizza pockets you shared tonight. Both Mike and Jim thought they were terrific. Nope, nothing left over for the daycare tomorrow. I guess I'll be making some.
Take care Kim. Sleep well. Blessings!!

Antonella said...

I love your cute little felted turtles - adorable!! It won't be complete until you join the crew! hugs, antonella :-)

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