Monday, February 28, 2011

Needle felted moose, Girl Scout Garage Sale…


I think this is the only craft I’ve completed in a while! We had a Girl Scout garage sale this weekend and if you’ve ever had a garage sale you know that the house comes completely undone!! Here are just some of the things I brought…

002 001

Mind you, this is in two different areas of my house…and just the tip of the iceberg…the truck was packed!! The good news is that the garage sale forced me to go through a lot of stuff and purge. The bad news is that I had to bring most of it back home again. We just didn’t get very many shoppers. The good news is that I packed everything back up and will have a garage sale this summer. sigh. I want to thank Shanna, Julie, Molly and my mom especially for all their donations!!! I think that what you gave me to sell was what actually sold. We are raising money to go to Houston for the National Convention. It will cost $2,000.00 for Abby and I to go. That is a lot of money!!! We have several fundraisers planned and I hope they will offset the cost A LOT! I’ll keep you updated.



The girls got together and we made a bunch of little notebooks to sell. I used this stamp for the message on the back cover. I just thought I’d give you a quick tip if you’ve never used one of these before. It’s tricky because you have to put the letters in backwards! So I write my message on a piece of paper that is on top of a piece of carbon paper. Carbon side up.(Top picture) Then when you look at the back side of your paper you get the proper lay-out of your letters. (Bottom picture)



My hubbie and I also went to the Turkey Hunter’s banquet on Friday evening and came home with lots of prizes! We won two of the above end tables. The top is glass so whatever you put in the drawer will show. I think I’ll put my agates in one and let Grant have at the other.


We also won this!!! Wowza! I do think we need some more chairs for it though. I would like to find some adjustable bar stools so the kiddies have a place to join us. The checker/chess board lifts off in the middle and there is storage for game pieces. Also if you flip the board over it is felt for dice games. We loooove Yahtzee! There is more to this story that I will have to tell you later. I have some serious rearranging to do in the living room to make room for all this loot.

Happy Crafting!!!

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Julie said...

You guys are so dang lucky. I love everything you won. You'll have to show me next week when we come over.
Lucky Dogs!!!!

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