Friday, February 11, 2011

Needle felting and a trip to Bemiji Woolen Mills…


Carmen and I took a road trip to Bemiji Woolen Mills on Saturday! This has been a long awaited trip…weather and funds kept us from going any other time…I really don’t know how long it took us to get there because we were gabbing the whole way…but it was a nice day out of the house! If you want to buy roving for a good price this is the way to go. Their natural roving (a cream color) is only $8.50 a pound and colors (beautiful colors) are $19.00 a pound! Their needles are priced about the same as you’d find anywhere else. If anyone knows where I can order roving even cheaper I’d love to check it out!


Then on Monday I drove a friend to the twin cities. That was another trip that went fast because we were gabbing the whole way. And soon I will have to drive to St. Cloud…another longish trip. I must say-my “cabin fever” has been cured! I have to apologize for the crappy pictures posted today, I’m too lazy to get out my good camera and instead took these with my phone. The lighting today isn’t good at all…light box, light box, light box…gotta make a light box!

Today I am researching some sort of visual scheduler for Abby’s iPod Touch…any info you guys have would be great! I’m looking for an app that allows me to load my own pictures and is inexpensive…

Happy Crafting!!!


Julie said...

I love those flowers. Can you, one day, make me a colorful purple one for mama. Like Mother's day or something? Just a thought.

Ona said...

Love the flowers!

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