Friday, February 4, 2011

Paper cutting, Needle Felting, and Modge Podge

I love my local library…when we first moved here it was the first place I sought out and visited. Over the years I’ve grown to love and appreciate what a fine library we have! When I saw the book Creative Paper Cutting blogged about I really wanted the book…and sent a link to our awesome librarian, Peggy, and she ordered it!! Woo-hoo!!! So the first things I’ve cut are projects that I will be bringing to the library later today to say thank you



Aren’t they cute! There are several other projects I have bookmarked and will cut asap!

The other night I sat down and needlefelted another chair…there is just something about chairs…I sketched this chair based on a chair I saw on chairblog …there are blogs about everything out there! One reason I like sketching chairs is because you learn a lot about perspective, and perspective is something I need to practice!


So then I loosely needlefelted this chair…holy demon dog batman!


Oh, and by the way “Hello-my name is Kim and I am a recovering hoarder”…I came to this conclusion after cleaning my office again, cause I had piles of stuff in my way again, and I ended up throwing away a lot of  junk again, I even gave a few things away…again…how and why does this seem to happen over and over again!!


In using what I have I took a plain old box and mod podge’d pattern pieces all over it. The end result is a very sturdy box to hold my (what I’ve gathered together so far…there’s more) notebook collection hoard.


Have a great weekend and Happy Crafting!!!

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Ann said...

Your little chair is too cute for words! I tried my hand at cutting the very same pair of birds from that book - how about that? Great minds think alike or something like that?! I so agree with you about the library for craft books.

Mod Podge Amy said...

Cool! That chair is so cute - and I LOVE the box!

Ona said...

You make the neatest things! I love all of your felted things. Thanks again for the bag of goodies. Everyone claimed a notepad right away. I can't help smiling at the little mushroom...Ona

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