Monday, March 30, 2009

Lots goin on!

Woo Hoo! I'm excited! One of my ideas got featured on One Pretty Thing!! Now I got to add the "Featured on One Pretty Thing" button to my blog. Scroll down and check it out! It's on the left. This is just so flattering!
What have I been doing today? Well, I ripped open a couple of old chair pad cushions and stuffed the stuffing into an old pillow case, sewed the end shut, put it into a shallow keeper that was missing it's lit, sewed an old blanket into a pillow case, covered the keeper and pillow stuffed with chair cushion fluff with the blanket pillow case, and walla a dog bed! Maybe the shedding beast will now stay off the things I don't want covered with dog hair? I know, I know life just doesn't work that way - but we have to keep trying - right? I will try to tailor the blanket at a later date - and I'm thinking of some dog print applique - but this works for now. I just don't have time because. . . drum roll. . . I found the most awesome embroidery site!!!! Came across it via Craft Gossip who found it at Pin Tangle. Anyways - the pattens are amazing!!! FYI - you'll want to have a pretty fast computer for this because you download PDF's and they are anywhere from a few pages to over a hundred pages long. I want to get started right away - spent yesterday evening organizing my floss. I am only a very basic embroiderer but I think these patterns can be adapted to however simple or complex you want to make them! Here is the link to the patterns - The Antique Pattern Library. Carve out a chunk of time and go look!
Here is a very small small sample of what is there - fun fun fun!

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Anonymous said...

You are something else...come up with some ideas for my boring house....ha! Your stuff is pretty cool - not too sure about the dog Take care! slw

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