Monday, May 25, 2009

The weekend!

What a wonderful weekend!! We went camping! For three nights and four days we were at the beautiful campground. I just love camping – even when the campground is only 9 miles from our house. ha ha! Especially when the campground is only 9 miles from our house!!  My husband had to work most of the weekend but managed to join us Saturday night and he only worked a few hours on Sunday. We went with our dear neighbors so we weren’t all alone. Here are some pictures of what we see at our favorite campground:

See! No other houses on the lake!



Gnarly old trees clinging to the shoreline:


The views from our campsite:


Our own dock: 


We get lots of rest time:


And some fishing gets done:


While packing up to go camping I wanted to put my craft room into a trailer and take it with me. I really didn’t want to leave all my projects behind. . . I’ll admit that a part of me kept thinking of all the other things I could be getting done if we spent the time at home instead. . . thank goodness we didn’t stay home – and thank goodness I didn’t bring a ton of projects with. . . I did bring my beads because they needed to be organized – and I did organize them. And then I put them away. We built some great memories instead!!


Anonymous said...

Looks gorgeous! Glad you got this well-deserved treat.

Julie said...

I am so glad you got to get away and have a great time. I'm jealous, sorta. We had a great weekend also but ours was more work then play except for our paintballing which I wouldn't of traded for anything. I'll talk with you tomorrow. Take care.

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