Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Good morning!

There is a lot going on. I have half completed projects – and projects I’d like to make better before I show you. One thing I’m excited about is a 24 pack of Martha Stewart glitter and glue pad that I recently bought. Oooo, it’s gonna be pretty! I bought a bunch of sheets for the sheet project that I have yet to start. I’ve made a top that doesn’t fit. (More on that some other time!) I’ve been really trying to keep the house tidier. (Easier said than done!) I’ve been unpacking my daughters camp gear (she went again) and I had to pack up my son’s camp gear (he headed off to deer hunters camp to learn more about compass work and sharpshooting skills), and some of those items overlapped! I went to my Grandpa’s 86th birthday party and had a great time! I got a veggie slicer at a garage sale, tried it out and sliced my thumb open. Yuck! It went into the garbage – not worth it! (The slicer, not the thumb :) ) So I will leave you with yet another picture of a miniature – remember these guys?

miniatures 025

And a little guy my mom gave me and Pokey!

miniatures 002

miniatures 001

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